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Originally Posted by Vippysue View Post
Today is my 7th day OP. I actually gained a half a pound yesterday but have a total weight loss for the week of 3 lbs. Since this is my first week, I was hoping to have seen a greater weight loss. I do wake up in the middle of the night thirsty so I do get up a get a big glass of water. I know this is early to get discouraged, and want to keep my eye on the prize, but can't help but feel a little bit disappointed. Since I've spent so much $ and feel like it is not an easy diet, am I wrong to expect more?
Remember slow and steady is also a means to an end. I started out at 177 and my losses initially were in the 2-3 lb range. That was my range and as I got closer to goal my losses slowed. 2-3lbs a week is what you should expect intially. More is a bonus and quite honestly...check the starting weights of the posters who show those initial higher losses. On the good side, I never experienced a true stall..and there was just one week at the end where my loss was about .2 lbs. If you think you can get a bigger bang out of any diet that is lasting and sustainable long term... you are not thinking clearly!

Be happy with ANY loss. The word ONLY is to be saved for the phrase "If ONLY I'd known about this sooner!"

Many people who are successful do not lose large amounts of weight initially, and no one keeps it up for more than a few weeks. Were you watching what you ate prior to your start on IP? If so you HAVE lost more....many begin to taper off their diet as a "get ready" for days or weeks before the actual start of the IP protocol. That impacts your starting weight, and probably your initial fluid retention is already reduced. Stick it out. There is no magic and no easy road to the goal. Hard work and determination are the key...not anything else.

Good happy! You are on your way with making a healthy and good decision for 2014!

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