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Originally Posted by wuv2bloved View Post
Good morning y'all! we were on the SECOND page, what is up with that??? WE can't let that happen, we need to get it back on the first. We have to be active like we were before, remember we would check in EVERYDAY to stay accountable? let's do that again!!
I also had to go looking for the thread I follow "Need a reboot/restart Jan 2014". I think what happened is that some of the people who were posting there split off to this thread when it was started. Since my first journey with IP took place in 2012 I didn't feel I should "butt in" and post on a thread that specifies 2010 or 2011 (although obviously, I've been lurking here I need all the motivation I can get!).

The daily thread also doesn't seem as busy as I remember it in 2012....maybe too many subject "specific" threads? Anyway, I read anything that might inspire me.

And Wuv, it's so good to see you here again. You are such a mentor to so many of us, I totally agree that the clinic where you were lost an absolutely amazing coach!!

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