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Originally Posted by hhm6 View Post
Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate the responses! and yes that makes a lot of sense! I am one those people that thinks I'll pick up a weight and suddenly "bulk up" really bad mindset, but then I see posts like these and then I think "I really need to get on the weight training bandwagon!!".

I guess I just want myself to have a proportional figure, and don't want to risk losing it (that is even if I have it-I've been overweight forever so I don't know) does that make sense? Can lose weight by just walking or something? I feel like exercise makes me SO hungry, and I want to eat back all my calories plus some, but I feel a lot better after doing it, it's always such a battle with exercising.

Is there a calorie limit you could suggest for someone like me? I'm actually 175 right now (I was 169 before holidays and refuse to change my ticker lol) I'm always stalling, giving up, restarting stalling. I'm not having the luck I had when I originally lost weight (that's why I come on to goal posts for inspiration and a reality check that it doesn't happen overnight!!)

Anyway, sorry for the novel!! I will def look into what I can handle with some weights I have, what are your opinions on 30 day shred??
When I get back from the gym I'm STARVING. But I eat yogurt, oatmeal and an apple usually. It's about 325 calories and it really fills me up, I personally eat between 1700 and 2000 calories a day currently, but some of that is wine calories (I always make room for my wine! ). I don't believe in starving myself at all, I find that I get injured more and have no energy or motivation. As long as I exercise well, and keep up the weight training, I lose weight.

I think you can lose weight by walking, but you'd have to walk a lot and be committed while cutting down your food calories. I think you should do some research about how many calories to eat and learn about how many calories you burn during exercise. There is a website called primusweb fitness partner, if you put in your weight and the time spent, it'll come up with a list of activities and how much you will burn.
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