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Originally Posted by Chardonnay View Post
Never a stupid question!! I hope you don't mind if I give an answer here. No, you cannot spot reduce. Example: overweight people doing 100 situps a day thinking they'll have a 6-pack in a month. They will never see their ab muscles if they still remain overweight. The 100 situps will burn calories and you'll lose fat, but not necessarily around your abs, i.e. spot-reducing.

You CAN spot TRAIN your muscles though, if you work hard on your abs, and once you have lost overall body fat to be at a healthy weight, you will be able to see a difference. Think of bodybuilders, they spot train (excessively), and you see them huge and ripped because they have such little fat on their bodies as a whole and they purposely choose which muscles to work on.

If you notice your legs (for example) seemingly bigger, it's likely because the muscles are shaping and growing, yet you haven't lost enough fat around the muscles to make them look lean, though I haven't really seen this in my own body, I can't deny it could happen to others.

If people say they have a "leg day", it likely means that for that specific day, they are focusing their weight training on their lower body, then the next day on their upper body...usually this is either to break up the length of the workout (say 1 hour each day as opposed to 2 hours 3x a week)...another benefit of this is that, if you're committed, you're usually doing weight training 6x a week (M-W-F lower body; T-TH-SA upper body), which means you're keeping your metabolism going more steadily, because working your muscles through weight training heightens the metabolism more than a cardio workout alone.

As for proportional, that would depend on where you store fat I suppose. Mine is stored in my chest and abs so even though my legs look great now, I still have flab on my abs and a big bustline.

I don't think any woman should be leery of weight training, the only way you will look bulky is if you eat too many calories and keep a layer of fat on your
body while actually lifting weights for the purpose of body building.

All of my information comes from over a decade of reading books written by various bodybuilders, fitness gurus and health experts. Also, from talking to wrestlers and martial artists (I was lucky through my job to have met a lot of them one year), also through personal experience.
Originally Posted by Diamondonalandmine View Post
Chardonnay, thanks for answering that I honestly could not have articulated that as well as you did thnx

Bulking up is not something that comes easily. I'd say do what you feel comfortable with and if something start to become a bit to pronounced for you, then adjust accordingly. My thighs sit differently now, they do bulge but that is what I am going for. I have always loved that look of rounded thick thighs. And WOW does my butt even pop out now my back is reforming so the arch is much more obvious. When I am standing, I can twerk each check individually just from engaging the muscles. lol this guy busted me doing it when I was grocery shopping his eye's popped out of his head haha!

I have always had an apple shape. But it is starting to reform. My stomach is no longer so big and round and enough fat has melted off that my hips are showing and an hour glass shape is starting to take shape. When I was verging on 300 my bust was not as pronounced as it is now. I have worked my back enough to straighten out my posture so standing up straight it makes me look like an inverted triangle, but I like that lol

When I was 21 I went from a size 18 down to a 12/13 from not eating and without muscle training and I had no butt just a long back, droopy thighs, straight up and down from any angle except my boobs where a FLOOPY d cup

Before muscle training when I lost weight with every step I could feel the vibrations from every step RIPPLE through my thighs up to my butt cheeks and up my almost liquefied back fat... and I could see it rippling in my shadows on the ground when I would walk

Now when I walk it does not ripple and my butt moves as a unit, if that makes sense!?!

The only thing I do not care for is... the hunger. I get soooo hungry. The body needs good food and protein to build and there is no way around it like an animal when I am hungry my dog runs and hides cause I'm like a beast I need food NOW! lol

Thanks you guys!! I really appreciate the responses! and yes that makes a lot of sense! I am one those people that thinks I'll pick up a weight and suddenly "bulk up" really bad mindset, but then I see posts like these and then I think "I really need to get on the weight training bandwagon!!".

I guess I just want myself to have a proportional figure, and don't want to risk losing it (that is even if I have it-I've been overweight forever so I don't know) does that make sense? Can lose weight by just walking or something? I feel like exercise makes me SO hungry, and I want to eat back all my calories plus some, but I feel a lot better after doing it, it's always such a battle with exercising.

Is there a calorie limit you could suggest for someone like me? I'm actually 175 right now (I was 169 before holidays and refuse to change my ticker lol) I'm always stalling, giving up, restarting stalling. I'm not having the luck I had when I originally lost weight (that's why I come on to goal posts for inspiration and a reality check that it doesn't happen overnight!!)

Anyway, sorry for the novel!! I will def look into what I can handle with some weights I have, what are your opinions on 30 day shred??

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