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Originally Posted by Kimmie in AZ View Post
I did a ton of reading and research on here last night. Now I have a much better idea of where people post certain topics etc. Copied and pasted a lot onto a word document so I didn't have to go back searching.

On alternatives - how do you figure NET carbs again? I saw a post by scabett1103 but then had a tough time finding it again. She had a great formula laid out in one of her posts.

I have a bunch of stuff ready to order from Nashua. Not worried about my coach. It's simply a matter of economics and I don't think this plan is hard to follow.

A few questions -

1. Pretty much all recommended protein bars will count as the restricted item, right? I understand there are those, based on nutrition facts, that will count as super restricted (2x a week). But just want to make sure.

2. The proti-thin maple brown sugar oatmeal has 10 carbs. Isn't that considered restricted? I think I've seen posts on here about it being non-restricted so wanted to clarify.

3. Is there anything on the market similar to the ready made mango smoothie? That I do enjoy very much.

Hey there, I recently made the switch to alternatives and have been loving all the savings from buying less expensive products. I'll try to answer your questions and hopefully some other folks can fill in if I miss something.

-you get net carbs by subtracting grams of fiber from total grams of carbs.

-I have yet to find an unrestricted protein bar (although some of the Quest bars are borderline, I count them as restricted) - it would have to be 8 or less net carbs. Here is a link to some helpful info for choosing alternatives that someone posted a while back:

-Not sure about the protithin oatmeal, but I use the Proti Diet Maple Oatmeal and that is unrestricted. Maybe that's the one others were referring to?

-not sure about the mango smoothie - sorry!

Hope this helps.

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