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Originally Posted by Rockabillygirl View Post
Oh dear . . . I went to a work gathering last night and fell off the wagon completely!! It didn't help that my co-workers were telling me how great I looked and that cheating once in awhile wouldn't undo it all. Obviously it was my choice, and what's done is done, but I'm really going to be mad at myself if it shows on the scale on Thursday! (Although, in reality, that might be good for me because every time I've cheated so far, it has NOT caught up with me, which makes it easier to cheat . . . )

I'm rambling but I felt the need to "confess". Have a great Sunday!
Thanks for sharing. Many of us have unfortunately experienced something similar while on IP, myself included. Don't stress too much about it and just hop back on the IP train to get where you want to be!

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