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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
Fitmom: I hope your blood work is OK. I showed high in protein in my blood work. It is frustrating just when you think you are in good health to have to deal with lab results. I use the 3 percent range..if I go up a pound or two I will go into a P1 to get it off. If that pound does not go away, just do a P1 for a few days.

Joysh: Your reboot is going well. Good luck with the new semester. I am swamped doing grades from the last one.

Dak1lls: My dad also had diabetes and developed heart disease. The reason I lost my weight was because I had a pre-diabetes high blood sugar. I did not want to get diabetes. I wish I had learned to be healthy when I was younger also.

Mars735: I am not an expert, but think there is no limit to the amount of fiber you can have. I have never seen anything along those lines.

Purplemonster: Welcome to maintenance. Carbs are a trigger for me also. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Mexico!

65x65: That is scary about diabetes and blood sugar being related to dementia and alzheimers. The increasing rate of juvenile diabetes is depressing. I see so much of that in my low income students. Many are overweight by 4th and 5th grades.

Here is my Non Scale Victory. My husband compiled a DVD of old family videos. It was from the birth of my twins, through my third son and last my daughter.
Normally I absolutely hate looking at myself when I was obese. This time I looked at the old overweight me and thought. That is who you were. You are not that person now. (And I will never be again.) Instead of feeling sad, I felt resolved.
Kudos to all for the recognition of where we were and celebration for the resolve to stay where we are!

Health factors being a biggie for everyone is motivation..thanks for sharing. your NSV...but actually ..I think it is a scale victory!!!! A really big one!! Congrats!
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