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Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
The zucchini muffin recipe I've tried uses the maple oatmeal, so that's also restricted. Is there another one that uses something else? I'm going to need LOTS of ideas. I'll be in AZ for a few days and then CA for a week, touring colleges with my daughter. I'll need some easy to eat foods, as we'll be doing a lot of driving. There will be meals provided at some of the schools...but likely not good choices for me. Eating a bar, or something like that, will be the way to go. I suppose I could pack some of the RTD products, just not sure how those will travel (without having to check bags). Guess I'll have to get creative.
You can get an AWESOME UNRESTRICTED maple oatmeal from ProtiDiet (Nashua and other places)! I have made zucchini muffins with that and a variety of packets (chocolate, banana, vanilla, wildberry, etc). AMAZING!!

I get the large jug of the oatmeal ($28 for 20 servings) and LOVE it for both muffins and as oatmeal!!

Look up a few posts - SkinnyBride2B posted a bunch of items she got from Nashua and what is unrestricted. A few are snack items.

Not sure what kind of travelling you are doing, but I travel a lot for work and I often buy steamable bags of veggies as I travel and cook them at the hotel so I am sure to get my veggies. I take lemon and even I Can't Believe It's Not Butter along with spices. I am becoming quite adept at "hotel cookery" with my travel bag of utensils, spices, cutting board, knife, ziplocks, etc.

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