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love to be a lower weight
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Originally Posted by Sum38 View Post
Part of the reason why I am losing weight, is for my husband. He married a petite woman and I think it is not fair that I have gotten this big. I was his "type" when I married him; if he had wanted to marry a chunky girl he could have chosen someone else.... I am sure I get all sorts of crap for my reasons, ugh.

My husband does love me for me, and has never complained about my fuller figure, but I know that deep down he would find me more attractive if I was smaller.

I think there is absolutely nothing wrong doing part of your weight loss for someone else.
I personally love the attention from anyone that notices I have loss weight. It's a feeling of satisfaction, that I am doing something right.

I agree with Sum My husband and I have known each other most of our lives. He has seem me at 128 and probably smaller and at 220. He has never complained about my weight but in the same aspect I know that he would prefer that I be that slender woman that he was attracted to and fell in love with. He'd be lying if he said he wouldn't want that. I would love for him to gain weight but he just can't seem to, so we have to love each other as we are.

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