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Wow, it never occurred to me that women said this. I guess luckily I never had any experience that would make me think that.

Which is not to say I was always comfortable and/or courted attention from men because I tended to be shy and I would thwart it citing feeling not worthy or a desire to not want to be "measured" in that way. Now, of course, I wish I could go back; but there is still a lot of that person left inside of me. I'm just older now and married and wanting to flirt for the sake of flirting now that there's no expectations. They say to keep flirting with your husband; but, honestly, we never did flirt in the same way.

In the mirror, I still see that "girl" but that's not what other people see and I wish they could. So, yeah, partly I want to lose weight because OF men but it's an overall desire of wanting to feel good about myself and my body and my health. I will never be an entirely new woman.

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