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Me, if you want to get technical, because I lowered my goal. I made my original goal of 160-163 after a few years, but the twenty pounds below that are proving very challenging. Some of it is mental, though, as weight loss bugs me and I hate it and prefer maintenance, but that is because it takes a lot of strictness to see any scale movement at all these days.

I just got diagnosed hypothyroid and have suspected PCOS, which could be contributing to the snail's pace at which I lose. But I've been grain and sugar free for several years and it helps immensely but is no magic bullet. I have to watch my calories too, because I'm so weight reduced that my metabolism and energy needs are notably down regulated from the baseline I began at, or even what is normal for my height and weight for a never-obese person.

Nutrient compositions matters hugely in my ability to maintain and loss, but overall energy intake is a part of the equation, too. I can eat much more food on low carb and still maintain, for example, whereas calorie counting with things like oatmeal and fruit was always a razor's edge of cravings/hunger/scale bouncing. Higher fat, lower carb eating, if nothing else, makes me much more resistant to weight gain. But losing still requires fastidiousness and restriction.
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