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Sounds like you have a great endocrinologist. I had sworn off sugar and grains because of weight but now am convinced of the bad effects on the body and its influence not only on weight gain but a myriad of other things.

I do kind of think it IS ultimately the calories for weight loss, energy out and in as diamongeog said. But it's also a matter of what works as a permanent solution and what works as far as the effects of sugar and grain. I keep saying grain because, for some reason, people fixate on the word "carb". I eat very little fruit but that's so whether I'm eating low carb or not and very little starchy veggies (sweet potatoes every once in a while). I'm eating way more green veggies, I have never demonized protein or **horrors** red meat, drinking way more water than generally recommended.

So what if I'm not eating bread? No one is really eating healthy whole wheat bread anyway I'm convinced. Unless prepared correctly, the phytic acid in grains binds to prevent the absorption of the nutrients you think you're getting.

I used to use all this as an excuse to eat crap but no more. I'm not eating as clean as I can, but as clean as I can manage and much better than "normal". It's much better than being hungry and feeling deprived. Maybe some people can manage that but I can't. I need to eat what keeps me sated and that means meat protein first for me.

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