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Several years ago I stalled on low-carb (at around 350 lbs) while eating no grains, no added sugar, no starchy veggies and very little fruit - maybe 60g of carbs total per day.

My calorie level though was VERY high. I had started swimming regularly and I was CONSTANTLY hungry.

Calories still matter on low and carb conscious diets, but you may or may not have count them.

On a grain-free diet starchy veggies and fruit are my downfall. Both tend to increase my appetite overall, and I can easily overeat fruit (rationalizing in my head that they are "healthy") even to the point of painful cramping and worse.

I've been around enough low-carb forums to know that my experience isn't extremely rare, but it also isn't common. Most people are able to lose weight and get much closer to their goal (certainly closer than 350 lbs) without having to be as carb/calorie/quantity conscious.

Even for myself, if it weren't for my insane appetite during TOM week, I don't think I would have stalled, because I would regain during TOM everything I'd lost the rest of the month, and I'd do it by eating much larger quantities of fattier red meat during TOM (hubby and I began referring to it as "meat week").

Only trial and error can tell you tell you whether you can ride your WOE (way of eating) all the way to goal.

BTW, my current struggles have more to do with staying on plan than stalling on plan. I can lose weight 3 weeks out of four, but during TOM "meat week," I end up gorging on both on- and off- plan foods. I've always had difficulty with hormonal hunger, which has been helped by oral contraceptives. However as I get closer to menopause, even on bc, the issue has gotten more and more difficult to manage. My TOM hunger hasn't been this bad since puberty (when I put on 100 lbs over the course of a couple years).

I guess on that level, even just "not regaining" has been an accomplishment.
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