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Originally Posted by indigoad View Post
Good morning everyone! I am just starting Ideal Protein (day 2). Hoping that I have the strength and commitment to myself to stick with this program and enjoy the benefits. Just reading through some of the posts and I must admit that they are encouraging. Great job everyone!!
The key is planning.
I plan every day the night before (or at the latest, first thing in the morning). That way I make sure I have every item on-hand that I will need and my time is allotted for any cooking that needs to occur.

There is always a Plan B and there are extra packets everywhere (car, husband's car, desk at work, purse, lunch bag, I've even sent them in advance to places I'm vacationing). I learned to not get bored with veggies to make sure I'm not just eating them raw.

There are many links to recipe threads in the first post of the Daily Chat. These became essential for my continued committment, especially after I eliminated gluten and soy protein last January, which significantly limited which IP products I could have!

You will have success if you stay committed and learn to find reasons to stay ON PLAN, rather than reasons to go off!
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