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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
Good Morning!

I had a private chat with someone about fear yesterday (damn scale). So now I'll be doing some work on letting go of whatever it is that I'm holding on to, that's holding the weight on me.

Whoever thinks it is ALL about calories in/calories out is definitely not in my camp.
I'm ramblimg. Hope I'm making a modicum of sense for someone!
Lisa: Wow - you must have read my mind. I realized yesterday that as I get closer to my goal I am way less excited and motivated than one would expect. Totally baffles me. I haven't derailed myself, but I've thought about it more than I would like. That part of my brain that says "oh, one won't hurt" that has been asleep for months has woken up again and is annoying the heck out of me.

I think I may be scared that I won't be able to maintain the loss without being on P1. I've been lurking in the maintainers thread and getting good ideas and a glimpse of how maintenance will be for me, but there's this irrational fear that the minute I stop P1 I'm somehow going to instantly regain all the weight.

I think recognizing that may be the key to keep it from happening. At least I hope so!

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