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Default How do you feel when women post they Don't want to lose weight because of men?

I have seen these posts many times all across 3FC. First I want to say how people feel is how they feel. I would never say it wasn't real.

The posts go more or less like this. I am uncomfortable when I lose weight because I get more attention from men. Sometimes the poster also says they want more attention from men.

I will not lie. It often seems like a rationalization to me. I told my wife about these posts last night and she was like what? It was bizarre to her.

At first I almost get offended by them. I am not saying that is the correct reaction, but it is my first honest reaction. C'mon men aren't that bad. But then I start feeling sad that women feel that way. Feelings are feelings. I can not say they are 'wrong'. It is just how some people feel.

So yeah they make me feel offended but then also sad. And how I feel is how I feel it takes NOTHING, it means NOTHING to the original posters. How they feel is how they feel.

But I hope for most it is not a major reason. And that it can be overcome. Having someone be unhealthy and possibly develop major diseases because of bad experiences with men? I guess ultimately no matter what my initial reactions, in the end that is just sad.

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