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Originally Posted by finallytime View Post
Is there a way to kow for sure if you are in Ketosis?
Yup. Follow the plan. In a few days, you'll get some weird symptoms including the driest mouth you've ever had, with a perhaps a metallic taste. If you google Kestosis symptoms, you'll get a whole list. You'll probably have 3-5 of them.

Originally Posted by jlj View Post
Hi! I just finished weigh in for week two. This attempt is my first with IP or any "diet" really. I've tried healthy eating habits and exercise, but fluctuate too much that way. I was content in my slow, healthy habit building, but then gained 10 lbs over the holidays and decided that was it. I wanted the extra weight off. I joined IP on Jan 2 and started the diet the next day. I've made some mistakes (like eating a boiled egg for breakfast... I thought I could count it towards my 8 oz.), but overall have been having fun with the way the diet works. I probably rely on quick things rather than attempting to use the recipes. I need to try more of the ones you guys are posting. After two weeks, I'm back in my pants I was wearing before the holidays! It's awesome to me that I lost it faster than I gained it! Now just 30-40 lbs to go....
You CAN count the egg toward your 8 oz. Many people split up their 8 oz b/c they find it too much at one sitting. Not me. But many do.
The problem is one egg isn't as much protein as a packet, which would keep you going longer.

Originally Posted by sasyblond401 View Post
Hi- I have been at a stall at 175. But have gone down one dress size. so I have lost inches not weight..........
Does any one know how I can lose weight.???????/I was using the south Beach diet, but it isnt working.???????????
So a stall is defined as no movement on scale or measuring tape for at least 4 weeks.
If you've gone down a size, you've definitely had movement on the measuring tape.
We get so attached to the SCALE. But isn't how we look and feel what we really want to change?
And you posted on the Ideal Protein forum. Are you using this plan now?
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