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Good Morning!
Sorry I'm late.
Today is DH's birthday and we went out with some friends LATE last nite

I had to do something I haven't had to do in a LONG time. My friend, who has been SUPER supportive of my journey, kept pressuring me to have one drink. I finally said to her, "Why do you want to attempt to derail me?" She stopped and apologized. But wow. Sometimes people just don't think. What I choose to put in my body or not put in my body is so totally NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

My avatar pic (at left, in the pink) is an edit of a pic of DH and I in FL in December. I showed the same friend that (whole) pic and she said, "Wow, Lisa, you are so little. I don't think your head matches your body anymore."

This friend always has a lot of insight and perhaps some clairvoyance, as well. She gave me some ideas and some exercises to give the "old body" back to the universe. She thinks that is why I've been stuck (I'm not sure I've even discussed the stall with her - she just always seems to know stuff people haven't told her). Anyway, last spring on this forum, there was a conversation about being stuck/stalled at a weight due to not letting go of a life event/etc that occurred at that weight.

I had a private chat with someone about fear yesterday (damn scale). So now I'll be doing some work on letting go of whatever it is that I'm holding on to, that's holding the weight on me.

Whoever thinks it is ALL about calories in/calories out is definitely not in my camp.
I'm ramblimg. Hope I'm making a modicum of sense for someone!
Losing weight is hard. Maintenance is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard. (-Ishbel)
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