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Originally Posted by jonimenz View Post
Thanks for the welcome Miss Molly. I'm glad to have you guys here. None of my friends really have a need to watch what they eat so I appreciate you all being here.
When I was on IP and on one of the threads on 3FC they were so much against tweaking and called it cheating. But because IP relied so much on staying in ketosis, getting off track would pop you out of ketosis and slow your weight loss. I like WS much better as I feel I have more freedom. They tell you your calorie, fat and carb intake for the day which I like if I feel like tweaking it.
Also, just so you all know, I go out to eat once a week with friends and don't necessarily order lean and green. I know that if I deprive myself of treats at least once per week I will not succeed. I feel it really helps me stick to my program if I know I can have one open meal per week.
My first weigh in is on Sunday. I'm going to go drink some water now.
Cheers to you all! Have a great weekend!
Hi Joni,

Your friends don't have to worry about what they eat? Lucky girls.

I totally believe in tweaking and that's what I LOVE about this program. We don't have to worry about ketosis and we can go out to eat if we choose wisely. Too restrictive of a diet is what throws me off. So far, I LOVE this diet.

I'm excited to see how your weigh in goes. Please keep us posted.
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