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Yep...just as I thought...up 1 lb this morning. Grrr...probably too many carbs at dinner...or could it be from the strength training? I'll be cutting back tonight. I'm almost tempted to do a P1 day to erase that pound. like many of you, i wish there were better guidelines to follow in P4. My clothes still fit the same of course, and I do feel great. I ran into my old dean...and he said that I looked fantastic...kind of made my day!

On a side note...I had my annual checkup on about day 5 Of Phase 3. In my blood total cholesterol was 205, HDL 95, triglycerides 54, LDL 100. So not too bad there. But the SCARY part was my liver enzymes...they are way too high & out of the ballpark. I have to go back in to retest my blood & have an ultrasound of my liver & gallbladder. In 2010 all of these results were perfect. My TSH came back fine for the thyroid. Do you think this could just be due to phasing off of this diet? My coach thinks so. This just scares me that something could be wrong...just when I feel great.
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