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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
Joysh: I was so happy when I started ordering from Nashua and saw that so many items were nearly identical to IP at less than half the price! I have some of the IP Broccoli Cheese soup left but never liked the taste. I have not jazzed it up, but will have to try that. I tried the IP Tomato Basil soup the other day and poured it down the drain. I could not eat it! I have used it to make the bread sticks though and those were tasty. DH loved them as well. Those two soups are my only IP products left from last May, when I started. It is funny to look in my pantry now and see all the boxes of protein foods!
Dak1lls: I'm the same way with the broccoli/cheese and tomato soups
I gave them to my mom because our tastes are WAY different.
I can jazz up a lot of things but could never jazz those two.

But I like other items other people don't.

I need to put in a Nashua order. I just wish they had a substitute for the IP potato puree. I make a sort've suitable substitute with a plain protein powder but it isn't as good.
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