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Originally Posted by Maile View Post
I believe the net carbs are what are important.

I think I am insulin resistant also as my family had diabetes and low thyroid. What I found interesting in a diabetes class was the way they now relate diabetes to heart disease.

Anytwy, low carb eating has been the only way I have maintained my weight loss in many years.
Yes Maile, definitely diabetes is related to heart disease. My mother developed diabetes and died of heart disease at the age of 60, her mother and brother died of the same thing at young ages as well. Boy, what a wake up call for me as I creep closer to that age; a huge part of why I started IP.

I have learned so much from this site and everyone's input. Why didn't I take my health seriously when I was younger!? I am trying to pass on good things to my kids so they won't go down the same unhealthy path and don't risk developing health problems; diabetes and heart disease, as they get older.

Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I think everyone's mileage will vary based on age, activity level, and overall metabolism rate (which is highly individualized). If you're maintaining with what you're doing, then it isn't too high FOR YOU

Most of the fiber carbs are excreted in the bowels.
Carbs from sugar alcohols leave more to interpretation. I count them "in" my net carbs, rather than leaving them out.
Good info Lisa. We are all affected differently by carbs, as many others can attest to as well! While they set me up for cravings and inflammation, I don't tend to gain quickly when I increase mine.

I have always been a bit confused on the sugar alcohol thing, but have erred on the side of caution and included them as well. It certainly makes sense to subtract the fiber carbs now that you mention that.

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