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Originally Posted by coffeebean View Post
Good morning. Went out with friends last night. Ordered chicken and it came with two sides. Asked if I could have 2 side salads as my sides. Enjoyed everyone's company and stayed on plan 100%. What I have learned from being on ideal protein since 2010 is that this is not a diet. We are changing the way we eat. We cannot go back to our old eating habits and keep the weight off.
AGREED!! can't go back to eating the way we did before. MY BF always ask me where do I wanna go eat if we go out, I tell him where ever you wanna go because you know I always get the same thing so its whatever you are hungry for. HE STILL ask can you have this or that?? its been 6 months since we have been dating and he STILL DOESN'T GET IT!!...Of course he is a bean eats nothing but JUNK and drinks a TON of soda. I am trying to get him to switch to water but that isn't happening. He drinks as many glasses of coke as I do water when we go eat. I told him to STOP asking me what I can eat, to take care of himself.

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