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Paisley, I do the Leslie Sansone DVDs. There's a fitness videos discussion on here where we post the ones we do. I have seven of them, and mix them up although I love the latest one, Walk to the Party Hits. Three miles. I started with just one mile in July and jumped up to three quickly. Now I walk with 2 lb weights on each hand. At first it felt like I wasn't really doing anything because it is very easy but that was ok, because I hadn't done anything in so long. Also if you don't like those, get a FitBit! I love mine!

Today I hit the 155 goal I had, but I've lowered it to 150. Very grateful to all of you on here who are so supportive and express so many of the feelings I have! When I went to update my ticker it already said 155 so I must have updated it wrong last time! Today are my MIL and FIL birthdays so Thai food out and cake at my house after. My DD is making a Pillsbury Funfetti cake. I looked at the box and icing and was shocked at how much one piece is, or 1/8. We use to cans of icing. 767, jeez, it's not worth that! I had her make a cake because normally we buy a fancy cake at a bakery and I thought this would be lower cal. Oh well, I'm going to just go over today but right back tomorrow. Of course last year eating a 1/8 piece would have been the warmup.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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