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Originally Posted by Jeje1234 View Post
Good morning! I started IP November 5th and managed to make it through the office plethora of treats and the Holidays without cheating. It's been hard but I am determined. I have had to avoid some parties and outings so I am not tempted. I've made it through a few Happy Hours with me drinking just water. I am not a daily or even weekly drinker anyway but I do miss the occasional cocktail. I have lost 21 pounds. Like many of you I am struggling with the big C. I have been combing the forums and appreciate all the advice.
Congrats on getting through the holidays!! That is something to really be proud of because it would have been so easy for you to take time off...but that would have set you way back and been that much easier to take time off at a later date. I, too, have found it's easier to just avoid some parties and get togethers because the temptation would be too great. Although I know I won't cheat, I just wouldn't have as much fun being around all that stuff and watching everyone else enjoy it. It sucks, but there will be a time for that later on. Now is when we need to make the investment in ourselves to be healthier. The longer I am on this diet, the easier it is to say no to things. Yesterday I took my son out for a cupcake after shots at the doctor and watched him eat barely 1/3 of it and I just threw the rest away. I was really hungry, but hardly tempted.

Restarting 1/1/14 after losing 40 lbs and reaching goal in Summer 2012, then gaining it all back. New commitment to IP in 2014 and phasing off properly.

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