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Morning everyone
Lisa you are So Right Old Habits Die Hard!!!

I was a Rock Star getting the weight off !
Maintance is a whole other story!!! I was like a recovering addict that was clean for a long period of time and started using again, with short periods of being clean and then free falling back into the old lifestyle

It is easy for people to say oh she did not know or put the work being able to maintein the weight. Well here is what I think the honest truth is The Drink calls you ...and I swear for that brief moment in time I feel like I have been given the Christmas gift as a child that I longed for Santa to put under the Christmas tree.

The Drnk for me is food! So many of my happy memories are attached to certain foods ,when eating them I am transported back to that special feeling.
I think that is why someone you can know may rave about this special taste it and think what's so special or good about that but your brain and memory has not stored a pleasurable memory connection to it IMO!
IP is doing what it is designed to do it can not clear the memory of your hard drive to see certain foods as verboten !
I may know speeding is not a good or safe thing to do ....but I drive 45 miles 1 way to work given the opportunity I do feel the need for speed,
I know people who give themselves cheat days and are able to stay at their goal weight .
I have to learn to take a cheat day and not turn it into a cheat month.
I know I will reintroduce a cheat day back into my life, I will have to gain more control before I give myself the next step.
I have not earned the right to have a cheat day, I will need to prove myself worthy and capable of handling the experience.
I will not give the keys to the Candy Store to my inner child, she will scarf them down have a raging tummy ache!

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