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Thanks all! It feels good to help to inspire other. I remember how seeing transformation in other women with similar body shapes/sizes to mine really rocketed me to a better head space. Its easier to visual yourself achieving some goals when you can see how dramatic a change is in store.

@grinchygirl I know just what you mean! It can seem overwhelming. Start with a friend or a trainer they can teach you so much. Correct body form breathing and all that. Some pretty cool stuff happens when you muscle train. The body releases adrenaline so you get these bursts of energy, its instant sometimes you will see people jump around shake their arms or pace right after crush some crazy amount of weight on a machine. I always thought that was them showing off but you really do need to release that energy I noticed i was shaking my arms or kicking my legs like a weirdo lol without even thinking about it.
38 double H... lucky, nice! Once you build up your back it is crazy its like nothing carrying around huge guns heeheehee

0.6Lbs from 100lbs lost!!

Ultimate goal!

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