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Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Redmuse - If you're being weighed on one of the scales that shows fat, water, etc. those things are notoriously inaccurate. Of course you can't lose 4 lbs and have 8 of it be fat - unless you somehow magically turned 4 lbs of fat into muscle or lean body mass in a week.

I'd not worry too much about it, the way your clothes fit, the inches you lose, and the way you feel are much better indicators of how you are doing - the scale is only one measure of progress.
At the IP place I frequented, the chiro I saw told me the body fat indicator on nearly any of the measuring devices is not accurate since there will be some interference from lose skin, and any water retention issue will also give things a wacky result. She recorded the numbers...but said..Take it for what it's worth if you like the number..but if it seems off... It probably is! And the "off" is usually not in your favor once you start losing due to interference.
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