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Ok.. I don't think I've every completed ANY of Riestrella's challenges. :-( But I'm going to try at least one more time! Cannot give up!

I've been spinning out of control lately to the extent that I haven't even had the courage to step on a scale in months. And while I have no clue about my weight, it is painfully obvious that my body has turned to jello and my clothes are ridiculously tight. REALLY need to do something about this..

Exercise goals
1. Run once a week.
2. Use bicycle for groceries or social calls at least once a week.
3. Run twice a week.
4. Complete Ripped in 30
5. Participate in local 5K event
6. Complete fitness boot camp

Nutritional goals
1. Have two weekly veggie days
2. Drink 1,5 liters of water a day (get bottle)
3. No more coke!!

I am struggling to find more nutritional goals but will sleep on it. :-)

When is the challenge supposed to end?

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