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Default Aha moment!

Originally Posted by lighthouse101 View Post
Also glad to hear that this is happening for people. I'm not there yet - too many years of abusing my body and disliking the result and myself for it to undo in just a few months! I'm working on it though, and hope I can feel the love soon!
Lighthouse - you probably are not alone in the feeling of dislike that can hang over after so many years. I know that in the first months of IP, I was not convinced of where I was going and where it would take me.

An aha moment finally changed some of that for me. I tripped across an old friend who I would periodically see in town. She literally did NOT recognize me at first - I had to say who I was. She was stunned.

That was the first real moment where I felt and knew what I have done and where I am going. I went home and cleaned closet and was also stunned by how many clothes no longer fit me - some I had never even worn because I never thought to try them on for size because I did not think they could possibly fit.

Fingers crossed that maybe a big aha moment will hit for you, too, and you can enjoy the wonderful big sunshine that brings into your life.

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