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Sandy your husband is amazing and what a lovely spontaneous comment! Maybe one day my husband will say the same, lol. I am glad to hear you have been feeling skinny lately, I think your story is inspirational. You are going to reach 150, obviously, there is no doubt about that. Wow, to be so close to goal and to know your goal is reasonable (since you raised it up from 130). We are the same height, but I have large bones. I was shooting for 150 but then decided on 145 since 150 is still overweight for me but 145 ducks under the line. I was surprised to read about your really really skinny (130lb) story. That is something to think about. I would love to be 130, it is the weight I was at all through my 20's. But your story makes me think about that and how important it is to be healthy first.

Jenny does allow a healthy weight loss. 5 pounds a month is a really good amount to lose! I hope I can do that. Idk what I am losing but it is about 1.3 lbs a week so I think that adds up to 5 lbs/month. There is no doubt that eating JC has allowed me to understand portions and to be able to say "no" to what I should not eat. I am actually cooking a lot more now and only eating JC once or twice a day at most, however, without JC I would not know my portions.

Glad to hear monk fruit is heat stable. I understand that it would need some volume, sure that makes sense. I'll look for online recipes using it. Thanks for the tip about it!

Michlove I hope you are doing well today. Yes I miss talking to the others too so I hope they drop by.

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