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It sounds like you are probably already eating a low glycemic impact diet, with plenty of complex carbs. This works for a lot of people! It's perfect because on such a diet you don't have to eliminate whole classes of foods, you just have to eat whole foods and avoid processed/refined ones.

If you ever have issues with blood sugar then I would definitely consider looking closely at your carbohydrate consumption. But otherwise, if you have stable blood sugar and are losing weight steadily, more power to you!

I gained all this weight eating too many beans. Yes, beans. Even carbohydrate from BEANS makes me fat. I have to really watch my carbs. Every single person is different, depending on their insulin response and their bodies' efficiency at making fat cells.

Congrats on achieving stable blood sugar! It really is quite an accomplishment in this world we live in, of metabolic syndrome and processed foods.

I am not a diabetic but at my last doctor's visit my blood sugar was 99. This raised the alarm for me, as anything 100+ is defined as type 2 diabetes. So I went back on low-carb, started exercising again, and I purchased a glucose/ketone monitor. I test myself every few days to see how I'm doing; my fasting glucose is back down to 85 (perfect) and my ketones hover around 1.6. The ketones are a bit low for someone on a low-carb diet; I had been hoping for something closer to 2.0-2.5 but no matter how few carbs I eat I can't seem to get more ketosis. My liver must be very, very good at producing glycogen. Which means I have to be careful about overeating protein (always an issue with low-carb) because even protein can be converted to sugar, and then to fat, if I eat too much of it. And it also means that if I under-eat, my body will happily and efficiently cannibalize its own muscle tissue. It's a fine balance, this weight-loss thing. For me, anyway.

185/131/120 ~ 5'2"

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