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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
I wouldn't worry about any excercise until you have a good solid eating plan in place. One that you know frontwards and backwards and in your sleep. After a few months of 100% concentration on your eating plan, (and if you stick to it like glue) you will lose that 21 pounds in a hurry without excercise...then hop on your new Proform ZT5 and give it a whirl.

That's how I did it...(minus the treadmill) Though, everyone is different.
I'm really glad my search for a similar problem showed this forum/thread...and this answer! I was sorely tempted to buy a new treadmill for fear of breaking my old one that I haven't used in forever because of the weight limit. It still works, it's just that the motor sounds horrible when I try to use it now.

I think I'll be patient, save my money, and just work on my eating habits first. Hopefully I can start to use my treadmill again soon without any fears.
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