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WELL WELL.....I guess my ears were burning!!!...HELLOOOOOOOO everyone!!!...its great to see everyone

I am No longer at the clinic so I am no longer a coach. Changes were made when I was out for my tummy tuck and not for the good of me. My hours were cut from 40 to 16. She decided to keep the sub she hired while I was out on my 2 busy days and cut me down to ONLY (yes I said ONLY) 2 days. I couldn't survive on that, I ran the clinic ALONE from Feb to Oct, with very little help but this sub did an amazing job and she wanted to keep her so I gave my notice the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I turned my keys in on Dec 2 and have not returned to the clinic since. I still keep in contract with some of my people, of course they don't get the support they need to they still come to me for guidance. Y'all ALL know how I am and I will help everyone that ask for it.

BUT I am here and doing really well! I had my tummy tuck done Oct 24th where they removed 22lbs of excess SOLID skin and fat. My dr said I would of NEVER lost that. I am in a size 14/16 pant now and I in a large/x-large shirt. I am VERY happy with the outcome of my surgery. I did get an infection 5 weeks after the surgery so they reopened me and they infection is GONE. I am doing really really great. I am a full time cashier at Stein Mart and maintaining my weight.

I spend most of my time on Facebook with the Southern 3fc group but Looks like I will have to start checking in on here as well. My internet here sucks but I will do my best. Let's get this going like it USED to be!!!!

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