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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I had a conversation with some ladies who are going to try the Dr Oz detox.
I say whatever works!

One thing I told them is that I still don't have the eating behavior to have "just a little" so there are items that I just can't have. They looked at me strangely & I told them I bought a box of gluten free crackers (I wasn't on P1) and ended up eating the whole box! Some things I just lack control over so it is better to not get started with one.

I told one gal she offered me cake before Christmas. My problem with cake is one piece is never enough. So I'm really better off with none than overeating it.

I have a BIG problem with portion control over many foods. These are foods I've learned to not keep in my home and to limit/restrict/or disallow in my life. I sure wish IP would cure this in me but it hasn't. It remains in remission when I'm on the program, however.

I like remission
Well stated. The behavioral piece really is the struggle. The food addiction piece is a tough one, in some ways tougher than drugs or alcohol, because we have to feed the dragon in order to survive. While off plan I could not controll my carb intake, resulting in eating huge amounts of high carb stuff. Like you, Lisa, I could eat a bag of chips or pretzels or crackers in a day. Scary to feel so out of control. This program gives me the distance(detox) to see those unhealthy patterns and to make better choices.

I am struggling with crazy hunger today for the first time in many days. Last night I had a full quest bar for my evening snack and I'm thinking it woke Walter, my evil carb dragon!!!! I hope not, and it was so yummy that I will likely try it again sometime. I think I'm going to float away with all the water and tea I'm drinking today. Lol

Today I choose to move my body, my mind, and my spirit!!
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