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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!

Originally Posted by schenectady View Post
Dakin - I never gave up, though. That to me would be my failure because it is so important to get my health and weight under control - age is a factor in that being a priority.

What I did was to change my approach - I had to change it up to let my mind become truly committed. Even though I hated the idea of joining a gym because I had lots of fear, I did it. Even when I had to go for the first time, I was still fearful and unsure.

I worried (I'm a professional at this one) - would I know what to do, would there be lots of young, hard bodies there, did I have any clothes that would fit that I could wear...on and on. I somehow screwed up the courage to go that first time and it made all the difference mentally. Eventually that mentally changed to physically, too, as I could feel the difference.
You and I must be sole sisters; you share the same fears and challenges that I do. Age... working out. I have decided to get more physical, but I'm not ready to join a gym (yet). I'm fortunate have a fully equipped gym in my home that is (surprisingly) in like-new condition! (lol) I am committing to working yup a sweat in there at least 3 times a week (M-F) and to do more on weekends (including snowshoeing, hiking...)

Originally Posted by 0ojoyo0 View Post
That's what I don't understand. Besides feeling like I was starving until I went into ketosis my first time around, I had no scary symptoms like this. I'm thinking it was a particularly bad sugar crash, because I felt so much better after I ate. When I'm not doing low-carb/IP I've always gotten a little nauseous when I'm hungry. This morning so far, I have a little bit of the lingering migraine and maybe a little dizzyness, but other than that I'm fine. I'll take it over what I felt yesterday We'll see how I feel this afternoon. Thanks for the concern
Oojoy - How are you feeling today? I'm anticipating the killer headache around Thursday or Friday. I hope you're over the hump now!

Originally Posted by Pamelama View Post
Good Morning!

Woke up to find 4.2 lbs less of me this morning!

I'm a pound away from where I ended almost 2 years ago
Pam, Congrats on the great numbers today! I'm with you about wanting to go 10 below my goal from 2012. Let's do it together!

Originally Posted by Nilouve View Post
Hello everyone,

... l I felt secure that I had this "magic bullet" in my back pocket (IE: Ideal Protein) that I could get back to anytime. Here, I would like to congratulate those of you who are getting back "on the wagon" before regaining all the weight (including you Dakin!).

So I'm back, with no more excuses, to do what I know will work. Going to do alternatives this time. I'll be visiting the boards daily, which was such a huge help last time, much more so than my nice as she was she couldn't seem to empathize the way people on 3FC can.

So to those, who like me, are back to lose even more than they did the first time; you are not alone, let's do this together!
Nilouve - Ain't it the truth? The "magic bullet" thought - told myself sooooo many times, 'No problem, I can have this... I'll just get back OP soon and it'll be so easy.' I'm doing alternatives too - my IP clinic was an hour a way and the coach did not care at all. (The day I reached goal she congratulated me and told me to have a nice life - literally!) Also the $$. We'll have to share recommendations.

Originally Posted by Roo2 View Post
Hello everyone -

I am on day 8 of my reboot and am so happy to put my jeans on without struggling.
Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences they help me stay focused .
Wishing everyone an OP day.
Roo, Color me jealous! Congrats! Can't wait for my clothes to start feeling better soon!

Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
Hi Dakin, I sure do remember you. You are in a good place with lots of support. On friday I will be 2 weeks back 100%, and I am feeling pretty good (other than the crappy weather, lol) I am also rehab-ing from knee surgery. I am looking at feeling really good by spring Stay on the boards, it is the only way I stay strong, even if I don't post. Welcome Back!
Bellamach - Sorry to hear about the knee surgery. I hope spring finds us both in better shape!

Originally Posted by swimcoachmomma View Post
Hello all. Welcome back Dakin. Here we go again!

The scale fairy has been a bit stingy (6.6 pounds in 2 weeks) but the inch fairy came last night. I got up early to t ake out the trash and slid into my favorite flannel Eeyore pants and had to cinch up the waist. Wahoo!! Starving today so maybe the scale fairy is lurking!!

Anyway, keep on keeping on. Off to swim practice then out for shrimp fajitas.
Congrats! Hoping the "whoosh" fairy heads east when she leaves your place.

I finished logging my food for today (anticipating my evening protein) and my totals are:
880 38 13 100 12

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sugar
I know that we're not encouraged to track to this extent, but doing alternatives, I want to keep an eye that my carbs are low and protein is high.

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