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Wow, as soon as I lower my goal the next day I am up 2.5 pounds! I think this is turning out to be a monthly thing even though I don't have TOM anymore. 52 years young, but it stopped 6 years ago with a surgery -- so I think I still have the monthly issues, just no mess. I never track when weight goes up so I need to write it down so I can look next month. Or I suppose I could check the past posts in here! But I'm not too worried because it seems like it goes up like that (with no correlation to over eating) and then it goes down lower afterwards.

PaiseleyMama - Yay for posting again! I can't imagine making 3 meals x 3 a day! That would wear me out -- well... actually I can imagine because I did it when my kids were younger. DH will eat anything so I'm lucky there. He just goes with the flow of whatever weird diet I am on or whatever I make. (or we go out!)

NavyWife - yes, I love the little MFP notice about what you will weigh in 5 weeks! Even when I have over eaten by a ton of calories it still says I will weigh less. Great job on exercise!

edoetsch1 - yay on keeping busy and not thinking about what you are eating! It's kind of like if you go on vacation and do a lot of sight seeing and walking around. Sure, you think about your meals but not obsessively. You just fit the meal into the day and not have the whole day planned around the meal.

SeeMyFeet - so glad to hear the calorie cycling is working! I make a chicken crock pot meal every week or two and after Thanksgiving I made it with leftover turkey and broth. I was SHOCKED at the amount of fat when I took it out of the fridge. It was like a whole inch layer of fat! The chicken is never that way.

Kaarin - regarding the steps - I have my goal for 10,000. So one night we got home late and I had about 9100 or so. I just started walking from one side of the house to the other (over and over) and I hit the 10k pretty quickly. I was amazed. I started doing it as a joke because my son was ahead of me on his FitBit and then I saw how fast it went so kept going.

Did anyone see the news about the FitBit Force and Flex causing rashes for some people? Yikes! I have the One myself but I have never had sensitive skin. I got my son the Force for Christmas so hope he doesn't get a rash!

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.

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