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Hello everyone,

This is day 2 of my reboot and although I've always been more of a "lurker" than a joiner, finding this thread and seeing so many familiar names, from 2012, has encouraged me to "come out" a little today. Perhaps I can be a cautionary tale to some and proof that you are not alone, to others.

From mid-March to mid-June 2012, I lost a little over 30lbs by using 100% IP products and never cheating once. I did well on maintenance for awhile and then started slipping. And now we come to the "cautionary tale" part; As silly as this sounds, at first I put off getting right back onto phase 1, like you are supposed to do, because I felt secure that I had this "magic bullet" in my back pocket (IE: Ideal Protein) that I could get back to anytime. Here, I would like to congratulate those of you who are getting back "on the wagon" before regaining all the weight (including you Dakin!).

Not only did I gain everything back, and then some, over the course of 2013 but I went through this kind of denial period in order to keep feeding this carb addiction that had a hold of me. As an example; "I got this, I'm determined now. I'll start " " tomorrow, at least it's not as restrictive/expensive as IP"(fill in the blank here 'cause I tried or considered so many other diets). But, you probably guessed it, mostly "tomorrow" always brought another reason (read excuse) why I failed, another slip and, so very often another weight gain for that week.

So I'm back, with no more excuses, to do what I know will work. Going to do alternatives this time. I'll be visiting the boards daily, which was such a huge help last time, much more so than my nice as she was she couldn't seem to empathize the way people on 3FC can.

So to those, who like me, are back to lose even more than they did the first time; you are not alone, let's do this together!

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