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Originally Posted by SusanneXo90 View Post
Hey everyone, haven't posted for awhile. I had some questions as to what the bootcamp protocol is.

The Bootcamp Protocol is 5 packets a day instead of the 3 (or 4 depends on your weight), to replace to dinner protein.

Breakfast - packet
Lunch - packet + veggies + lettuce
Dinner - 2 packets +veggies + lettuce
Snack - packet

Get in the minimum 10 glasses of water and stick to lower carb veggies.

The loss you get is great. I weighed in one week and was down 8 pounds and then another week down 7.6 - and this was not at the beginning of my program, but half way through. It's good to switch it up I feel, it surprises your body and your body drops drastically, in my experience that is.

This is really interesting. Can anyone else comment on this bootcamp protocol and how it's worked for them? My weight loss is a little slow and I think this could help, I'd LOVE to hear other people's experiences! Thanks guys for always being such a light in this diet process
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