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michlove, yes, many people on the Jenny forum who re-commit say that the first 2-3 days are the toughest, then it's like their minds are back in the game again. You can do this!

And I hear you on the numbers. Just yesterday I walked in the living room and my husband was like, "Whoah!" He said it like he saw a ghost. I asked, "What?", and he said, "I know I see you every day, but you suddenly look so skinny." That made me smile because I had been feeling skinny lately. I then told him that I would sometimes think to myself that maybe I should just stay around this weight. He replied, "I know you, honey, and as happy as you are now, I know you'll be thrilled if you reach your goal weight you set for yourself. You've had that number in your head for so long (heck, it's even in my username )." He's right of course. I think it's just because I've been doing well on my dieting and now exercise and have been bouncing between the same numbers for a while. But I KNOW I won't be satisfied until I see 150 on that scale.

I guess I should be happy about that, because not too long ago my goal weight was 130, which I did hit once but looked almost sickly. I even had some people ask me if I was ill. I had no butt, barely filled my B-cup bra, my face lost its radiance and was fitting into my 14-year-old daughter's size 3 jeans. In my mind, I thought I looked good. But it was a struggle to keep my weight there. I was barely eating. Then when I decided to go back up to 140, it took me all of a week to get there! Those last 10 pounds probably took me 2-3 months to lose back then, but only a week to put on? That shows you how out of control my eating habits were. If I wasn't starving myself, I was binging.

Now, with Jenny, I feel like I'm losing at a healthy rate of around 5 pounds a month (a little slower now that I'm almost to goal) and eat healthy foods in the right portions. I no longer fear food like I used to and feel that I can control myself around sweets now and have a small portion of it and feel satisfed.

Now that my new goal is 150, I feel that it won't be as difficult to maintain that weight. I just have to learn patience and that I WILL get there within the next couple of months and I'll bet they'll go by faster than I think they will.

Medeis, I copied this post about baking with Monk fruit...

Can you offer any baking tips for Monk Fruit In The Raw?
In recipes for sauces, dressings and beverages, all the sugar can be replaced with Monk Fruit In The Raw. However, recipes for most baked goods require sugar for proper volume and texture. For best results, experiment by substituting half the amount of sugar in a recipe with the sweetening equivalence of Monk Fruit In The Raw. It's heat stable, so it is perfect for use in cooking and baking.

So, it looks like you can bake with it, but you still need some sugar for volume.

Hope you ladies have a great day. I wonder where Lyn and Lemondroplet are. Hope they check in soon.

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