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Originally Posted by Dakin View Post
Good morning Friends!
I feel like this thread was meant for me! I lost a total of 39lbs on IP, and have gained back 21 of it!!! omgg!
I have attempted to recommit a few times - in fact even posted about it - but have not as yet been able to get back into ketosis. I'm feeling frustrated, disappointed, weak and fat with myself! I really, really need your shout outs and support. I check in almost every day, but if I get quiet it's because I'm backsliding.
I can't wait to start feeling better again!
Wishing everyone a great OP day!
Dakin - I spent much of November and part of December struggling just like you mentioned. I never really binged or went whole hog, but I was challenged to try to get back on track 100% or even 90%.

I never gave up, though. That to me would be my failure because it is so important to get my health and weight under control - age is a factor in that being a priority.

What I did was to change my approach - I had to change it up to let my mind become truly committed. Even though I hated the idea of joining a gym because I had lots of fear, I did it. Even when I had to go for the first time, I was still fearful and unsure.

I worried (I'm a professional at this one) - would I know what to do, would there be lots of young, hard bodies there, did I have any clothes that would fit that I could wear...on and on. I somehow screwed up the courage to go that first time and it made all the difference mentally. Eventually that mentally changed to physically, too, as I could feel the difference.

So, I am not saying that the gym is the answer, Dakin, but it there something you can do to change your routine so that you can kick yourself back on to the program?

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