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Thanks dehtripper! I have a feeling there will be a steady influx of new member's for a while yet Oh well. Also just downloaded that app you mentioned! Way better than taking a pen and paper to the gym I'd say

Zoesmom - I will try and keep that in mind! I'll get there, I just need to get over these silly insecurities and cross that threshold! And I think I have seen that body by you, it's all body weight exercise's if I recall?

10lb Weight Loss (287) √ | 20lb Weight Loss (277) √| 35lb Weight Loss (262) √ | Class I Obesity BMI (250) √ |
50lb Weight Loss (247) √ |
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| 85lb Weight Loss (217)
|ONEderland (199) | 100 Pounds Lost (197) | NORMAL BMI (185)
| 120lb Weight Loss (177)

One for every 5 lbs lost

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