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Let me clarify my post. I would eat a hard boiled egg with that yogurt not add it to the mix LOL

drd1961 It's important that you take it slow and track it for a while so you know what YOUR body reacts to. I can eat things that others on here can't and I can't eat some of the things they can. During my year of tracking I noticed wine didn't help me at all. I used/use my net diary (still track my weight), some people use myfitnesspal. I spent a year tracking and stopped at the end of May and since then have gained confidence in my choices long term.

DRegan Yes there is movement, for sure at 17 weeks but now I know it was before that. VIP laughs at me as I'll have my fruit and say "ok, wake up now" he usually says "let her/him rest!" and I say "well, she/he won't let us rest when he/she's born!" He hasn't felt her yet when his hand has been right on the movement so I think it's just a matter of time.

maile I'm tired this week...this past 10 days I've been in bed before 9:00 and sometimes at 7:30. Must be growing something Course, could be all the finishing of the renovations in my house. Spent the last couple of days/nights painting the basement. Carpet is installed this week and picking out the bathroom fixtures this weekend. Getting excited. I'm not doing too well with the walking this week but still managing 2-3 times plus my yoga. I had been eyeing up a yoga bolster for years but kept thinking "nah, use a pillow" then the yoga instructor showed us child pose massage that we could teach our hubby. My eyes went wide and I thought "and SOLD!" and bought one that night. HA!

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