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Originally Posted by drd1961 View Post
Just curious since I will probably be looking at maintenance by March, how many carbs a day do you tolerate without gaining?

For the most part I do P-2-eating with a modified P3 breakfast. If I have whole eggs I do a salad with 1 or 2 poached eggs for breakfast. Berries and nuts and the higher carb veggies are exceptions that I added during early December. With Christmas I had some GF cookies...chocolate and wine and immediately put on 6 pounds! I've been on a modified P1-2 since Jan 1 and have lost 4.5 of that already so know for sure, I'm incredibly carb sensitive. Once getting to where there is rebound room...I will be very careful.

At my BMR does not allow a lot of calories/day. Under 1200! That means if I use 25% of my calories and close to 100% of my carb intake at's going to be a long day. I had oatmeal 2X during that few months and did not find it was enough to keep me satisfied the rest of the day on what was left in my calorie/carb bank. Now I believe somewhere between 40-50 carbs is my maintenace limit with the expectation that as I approach 50-60 carbs for the day I will see gain. More analysis of that in the spring once retrying with out the sidetrack of holiday parties and a few special treats. ( Bless my brother and my son in law). My extra carbs will come from OCCASIONAL starch...but mostly the higher glycemic veggies which are not part of the list for P1&2. Carrots in my salad...beets, eggplant, avacados and artichokes, beans in my chili and tomatoes...esp this coming summer and my heirloom tomatoes start gracing the table every day.

We each have to find our way with this. I advocate going slow...and paying attention to the BMR that belongs to you. Age and your height are going to be major factors. My maintenance intake is not a whole lot above the IP daily. I'm going to cherish those additional 250-300 calories...and be jealous of you ladies who are 6-8 inches taller than me! But I've made my peace with it. I love my collar bones, my hip bones and being able to sprint to the baggage claim at O'Hare and Atlanta. And looking forward to a lot of travel in the next few years where I can hike, bike walk , eat carefully...sometimes just a taste...and enjoy life.

Sorry this is so long..but thought how I am doing it is something to share, esp with the smaller frame ladies. Most of the literature on maintenance does not address that factor deeply enough...(and it does no good to feel cheated.) You're only chance is going to be growing wider if you do not consider your height a MAJOR maintenance component.....the tall thing is not going to happen.
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