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Look, I'm checking in as promised! One step in the right direction
Yesterday was acceptable, around 1200 cals but still not wonderful food choices.

I have today planned out but I'm stumped for dinner. It's so annoying cooking 3 separate meals all the time.

Seemyfeet - YES I am so excited. I hope those few extra pounds don't stick around too long!

Silverfire - Happy Birthday!

Kaarin - 1400 is great, don't sweat it I started at 1200 but I upped it to 1350 and still losing.

Robisa - I tend to keep a drink of some sort with me in the kitchen while I cook. I was baking the kids cookies in the afternoon and I wanted to eat the batter SO BAD. & I hear you on chicken skin, it's the best part.

edoetsch1 - Sorry yesterday was rough for you Tomorrow will be better & you still did great

Eydawn - Feel better soon

Restarted weight loss journey after reaching my highest weight ever - Nov 12 2013

- 10lbs - Dec 6 2013
-20lbs - Jan 15 2014
- 30lbs & Onederland- March 10 2014
- Overweight BMI- March 11 2014
short term goal - weigh 175lbs by June 2015
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