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Originally Posted by mckaren4 View Post
I am cross posting this here and in the Costco thread:

The nice thing about the premier protein and the muscle milk light is that they are ready to drink. Having to measure out half-pour it into a container and then having to save the container to wash and reuse-takes a lot of the convenience of ready to drink out of the equation
-are there any ready to drink that are similar to ip that don't need to be halved or measured out?????
I exercise almost every day so having an extra drink daily doesn't bother me
but if my weight loss slows down-I would like some options.
I just ended up having one Premier Protein shake today instead of separating it and having two, plus one restricted. It's a pretty big shake so I wasn't hungry at all, I sipped it all throughout the afternoon. Of course, I had all of the required vegetables as well.

I saw on the Premier Protein website that they have 100-calorie snack shakes, which would be awesome but that's not the format that Costco sells. I know that some Costcos sell EAS shakes, which are good for IP but unfortunately some don't carry them (the ones here in Montreal don't).
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