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I had a BAAAD day yesterday.

It started well. I had a very late breakfast so I decided I would skip lunch as my parents were coming round and I was doing a roast chicken dinner.

But firstly, by the time I was preparing dinner, I felt like gnawing my fingers off I was so hungry and I found myself grabbing lumps of grated mozzarella out of the fridge as I prepared dinner.

Secondly. My mother has this habit of annoying me. Not intentionally but she just rubs me up the wrong way. I had a bottle of wine left over from Christmas so I decided to open it and have a glass as I was making dinner, to take to edge off her being, well, just her!

Thirdly. I CANNOT resist chicken skin. Nobody else likes it, so add that to the gnawing hunger and I found myself eating pretty much the entire chicken skin as I was carving the bird.

Then, a glass of wine turned into half a bottle, which turned into a bottle, then the nibble cravings kicked in. So, added to my planned calories, I had an entire bottle of sparkling white wine, far too much crispy roast chicken skin and nibbles on top. I've estimated 2000 calories, but it's probably more. I don't know.

So, yes the scale was up this morning. But today is a new day. Back on track.

Also I've had some nasty hip/back pain over the last couple of days so I haven't been doing my C25K and my steps are down, 8213 yesterday and 8117 the day before. But my average is still over 10K - 11598, so that's good.

1056 calories so far today.

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