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Originally Posted by jendilly View Post
I weigh myself all the time. Several times during the day. I get almost obsessed with it. I'm always like that when I'm on diets. Feel like I need to keep watch and see if it's working. I really should just put my scale away. That's the my coach suggests...only weigh in there.

I'm really struggling with the big C. I'm not in pain or anything...just not going at all. The only times I've gone is if I've taken a gentle laxative or drank the Senna tea that my coach gave me. It's been 3 days again...should this really be the way it is? Am I doing something wrong? I don't want to have to rely on the tea or a pill for the whole diet!

Also...I just posted in the weekend chat, but I had a very big NSV today. Surrounded by food that I couldn't eat all day long...and I didn't cheat.
Congrats on the NSV
If no pain etc, could it be your body just doesn't have much waste & doesn't need to go as often as when eating more? If we're using all our fuel, there isn't much waste. More salads would provide more bulk
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