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Originally Posted by Lizzy63 View Post
Hi - just checking in.

Deelee - I walk about 45 minutes daily. Working on increasing that, but hard to find time!

So, I have been struggling with back problems off and on for about 10 years. Got really bad about 2 weeks ago and I insisted on some follow up because I feel like this should not happen so often and it was worse than usual. Turns out I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis in my spine and scoliosis - eek. Taking lots of pain meds and starting physical therapy Thursday. At least I can still walk - that actually seems to make it feel better. I have eaten some things I shouldn't while feeling sorry for myself - that's gotta stop (both feeling sorry for myself and eating bad things)!

Back on the wagon tomorrow! No more junk!
I have chronic back problems and have been in PT since April.
I've learned I'll need to continue PT for life to keep my back problems manageable. Eating junk makes it worse b/c it increases inflammation. The cleaner I eat, the better. I've learned that gluten-free is really best for me.

I'm no longer on any pain meds & just managing it with exercise. It'll take time but it can be done! We will be stronger for it.

I can't walk very far without pain (about 30 mins, slowly). The PT may take some time (weeks to show a difference, months to really feel progress)
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