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Originally Posted by calypso58 View Post
I saw a 15 at the start of my weight this morning. I havent seen that in over 10 years for sure.

Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
I've stayed off the scale since my P1 restart b/c I've been sick & didn't want to see inflated weight due to inflammation.
I'm going to make Wednesdays weigh-in day so I'm hoping I'll be well by then!
Once I get on a roll, daily weighing doesn't bother me and at some point I'll need to develop a healthy relationship with the scale (I got pretty frustrated with the stall). That healthy respect for the scale will help in maintenance.
Hoping you're feeling better Lisa and things start going right for you!

If I get frustrated with the scale, I just call it unmentionable names. Dh thinks it's hilarious. Most of the time though it really doesn't make much difference to me - I know that it's just a measure of what I weigh at that particular moment but I do like to see the number every day just to remind me of where I am and where I came from.

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